Benefits of  the 
    Coconut Therapy                        Stick
*  Helps rejuvenate skin         and prevent wrinkles

*  Keeps inflammation             and damage under the         eyes (bags) to a                       minimum
* Has Vitamin E that is          essential for healthy            skin growth, repair of          wear and tear on skin          and keeping skin                    smooth and protected
* Has Aloe Vera which            contains antioxidant            and anti-bacterial                  properties. Helps fight        wrinkles and is good            for the skin.   

* Use the Coconut Flakes      to exfoliate. Helps to            remove the oldest skin        cells from the outer              layers of the skin to              keep skin healthier and      fresh.  
*Protects against suns           harmful rays. Great              before and after the              beach, swimming.       
*Coconut Therapy News*

*Coconut Therapy News*

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Coconut Therapy Stick for Face and Neck

Coconut Therapy Stick for Face and Neck

Coconut Therapy Stick for Face and Neck
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We all know or have heard about the benefits of coconut oil although many have not been able to use it for different reasons. Now, everyone can get the benefits of coconut oil with out the oil and mess.
This Moisturizer and revolutionary applicator makes it easy for everyone to have great smooth and healthy skin.

Remember, keep it frozen. Whenever you apply make sure you put out enough for your next use before you put it back in freezer. If you forget, on your next application make sure you let it thaw for 5 minutes before you turn the twist up applicator, because its frozen.

 5 different scents to pick from: Coconut Fresh
                                                  Fresh Coconut- with no oils, for dry skin

You cant get any more Virgin, healthier or all natural than this! 

Suggested Use:  Apply generously to face and neck.The more it thaws you can rub the coconut flakes into your skin to exfoliate and within a few minutes they will dry and fall off easily.

Ingerdients:    Green Coconut Copra (meat) and Aloe

Suggested Precautions:  Topcial use only. Keep out of reach of children.