Benefits of  the 
    Coconut Therapy                        Stick
*  Helps rejuvenate skin         and prevent wrinkles

*  Keeps inflammation             and damage under the         eyes (bags) to a                       minimum
* Has Vitamin E that is          essential for healthy            skin growth, repair of          wear and tear on skin          and keeping skin                    smooth and protected
* Has Aloe Vera which            contains antioxidant            and anti-bacterial                  properties. Helps fight        wrinkles and is good            for the skin.   

* Use the Coconut Flakes      to exfoliate. Helps to            remove the oldest skin        cells from the outer              layers of the skin to              keep skin healthier and      fresh.  
*Protects against suns           harmful rays. Great              before and after the              beach, swimming.       
*Coconut Therapy News*

*Coconut Therapy News*

WHY COCONUT OIL?-oil pulling benefits-coconut oil pulling-coconut therapy
Coconut oil is often called a "one stop pharmacy". It has anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing properties as well as being anti-cancerous.  Coconut oil also has many other benefits: numerous studies have shown that it protects against heart-disease, liver disease, kidney-disease, IBS, diabetes, and helps balance hormone level. Perhaps its most remarkable characteristic is its ability to kill disease-causing bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa.

Among the dietary fats, coconut oil is unique because it is composed of a special group of fat molecules know as medium chain fatty acids (MCFA's). The only other food in the human diet that has any appreciable amount of MCFAs is breast milk. These special fats are essential for the health of newborn infants and are added to scientifically designed infant formulas. These unique fatty acids have many important uses. They are very easy to digest, providing a quick and easy source of nutrition and protect newborn babies from infections for the first few months of life while their immune systems  are still developing. The fatty acids that protect us an infants also protect us as adults when we digest coconut oi.

Coconut oils fatty acids kill many of the same types of bacteria and good viruses that inhabit the mouth and cause infections elsewhere in the body. Antibiotics can kill bacteria, but they are useless against viruses. They also kill yeasts and fungi, including candida. MCGAs arent a universal remedy for all infections, however. They dont kill all bacteria, which is actually a good thing.  Coconut oil will also help clean the body of harmful organisms, while not destroying the beneficial ones. 

One of the charachteristics of coconut oil is it melts at 76 degrees. Below that temperature it solidifies and becomes a white solid. Many people buy our product and a few days later they might notice it changed from a liquid to a solid. This would happen if the temperature had a changed either above 76% or below. It is very interesting to watch science happen in front of your eyes! Many people originally think that the oil had gone bad or rancid . It has not!. This is just a characteristic of coconut o