Benefits of  the 
    Coconut Therapy                        Stick
*  Helps rejuvenate skin         and prevent wrinkles

*  Keeps inflammation             and damage under the         eyes (bags) to a                       minimum
* Has Vitamin E that is          essential for healthy            skin growth, repair of          wear and tear on skin          and keeping skin                    smooth and protected
* Has Aloe Vera which            contains antioxidant            and anti-bacterial                  properties. Helps fight        wrinkles and is good            for the skin.   

* Use the Coconut Flakes      to exfoliate. Helps to            remove the oldest skin        cells from the outer              layers of the skin to              keep skin healthier and      fresh.  
*Protects against suns           harmful rays. Great              before and after the              beach, swimming.       
*Coconut Therapy News*

*Coconut Therapy News*

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Coconut Therapy Stick for Face and NeckCoconut Therapy Stick for Face and NeckWe are bringing to you the nutrient laden interior of the coconut, the copra (meat), where the actual nutrients and  oil comes from. You cant get anymore Virgin, Organic  or All natural than this  
             A few benefits
Keeps inflammation down and helps get rid of bags under eyes.
Contains Aloe to maintain even more moisture in the skin
Has vitamin E that is essential for healthy skin growth and helps with wear and tear on the skin.
Helps protect against the suns harmful rays.
Coconut Oil Foot Therapy TreatmentCoconut Oil Foot Therapy Treatment
Being active means may times our feet end up itching, dry or inflamed. If you have any sort of foot problems due to excessive workouts, standing long hours or squeezing your feet into small shoes, this product will provide quick relief. It will heal the effects of athletes foot, fungal infections, itching and cracked skin.
Coconut Therapy After Shave StickCoconut Therapy After Shave StickLooking for a smoother, cleaner more organic after shave moisturizer? After shaving, the key to great, clear, baby soft skin with no irritations, is the right product called Coconut Therapy after shave stick.
     Now Get all the benefits of coconut oil, without the messy oil, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter to help moisturize your skin even more and Eucalyptus to help sooth and disinfect and cuts or burns, all in one product. The Coconut Stick!  No Alcohol or chemicals.
All Natural Coconut Oil Travel Dental/Oral Hygiene KitAll Natural Coconut Oil Travel Dental/Oral Hygiene Kit1 oz. of 100% natural Coconut Oil for oil pulling.
1 oz. of All Natural Toothpaste- no Flouride
New small travel size toothbrush w/case for brissels
55 yards of Coconut Oil Dental Floss
Great Vinyl Snap Case
Coconut Therapy is a Revolutionary new treatment combining Modern Science with Avurvedic Medicine (India) dating back 5,000 years. It is a form of deep cleaning preventative maintenance that works by cleansing and detoxifying the mouth of bacteria and germs. Our 100% natural cleansing combo is designed to clean your whole mouth. Start with our coconut floss, then use our 100% natural toothpaste (with no flouride or harmful chemicals) and follow with our specially picked Coconut Oil Rinse.
Coconut Therapy All Natural Toothpaste 4 oz Refill TubeCoconut Therapy All Natural Toothpaste 4 oz Refill Tube
Over 20 All Natural Ingredients that help fight Oral Bacteria
Price $8.99

Coconut Therapy Organic Hand CreamCoconut Therapy Organic Hand Cream
Coconut Therapy Organic Chapstick / Lipbalm 3- PackCoconut Therapy Organic Chapstick / Lipbalm 3- PackThis 3- Pack of Coconut Oil Based Chapstick is 86% organic and has Sunblock SPF 13. Is a fantastic lip balm as its not grainy like most other organic lip balms. Cherry, Eucalyptus Mint and Coconut Flavors will protect your and cover your lips.