Benefits of  the 
    Coconut Therapy                        Stick
*  Helps rejuvenate skin         and prevent wrinkles

*  Keeps inflammation             and damage under the         eyes (bags) to a                       minimum
* Has Vitamin E that is          essential for healthy            skin growth, repair of          wear and tear on skin          and keeping skin                    smooth and protected
* Has Aloe Vera which            contains antioxidant            and anti-bacterial                  properties. Helps fight        wrinkles and is good            for the skin.   

* Use the Coconut Flakes      to exfoliate. Helps to            remove the oldest skin        cells from the outer              layers of the skin to              keep skin healthier and      fresh.  
*Protects against suns           harmful rays. Great              before and after the              beach, swimming.       
*Coconut Therapy News*

*Coconut Therapy News*

How to do it?

Step 1:  First thing in the morning before drinking any liquids (including water), pour 1 tablespoon of Coconut Therapy into your mouth.  (This is the best time on an empty stomach)

Step 2:  Swish the oil around in your mouth without swallowing. Move it around with your tongue and through your teeth, as if it was mouthwash, but don't gargle. You'll find that the oil will start to get watery as your saliva mixes with it.  Do this gently for a minimum of 5 minutes. Many people for maximum benefits do this for about 15-20 minutes.  If you have an urge to swallow the oil, dont!  Just spit it out and start again. When the oil has become saturated with the toxins it has pulled out, it may become whitish and thinner with a milky consistency. Each time you use Coconut Therapy it could take a different length of time to get to this point. 

Step 3:  As the end of the Coconut Therapy session ends, spit the oil out in a receptable, not the sink, and rinse your mouth out with warm salt water.(normal table salt) Salt water isnt absolutely but is an additonal layer of cleansing any left over toxins or germs.

Coconut Therapy works better in the morning but if for some reason this time of day doesnt work for you, do it any time of the day (preferrably on an empty stomach). An empty stomach tells you your food has digested completely. Coconut Therapy is ideally used 3-4 hours after your last meal

Q & A

Should I brush before using Coconut Therapy?
No, there is no need to brush. But it is a good idea to brush as one last step of your overall Coconut Therapy. After your therapy for 15-20 minutes and your salt water rinse, the brushing of the teeth will help clean up any additional  toxins that were left behind in the mouth.

When should the oil turn white?  5 minutes,  10 min? 20 min?
The rule of thumb is about 15-20 minutes for the oil to turn white. The longer you perform Coconut Therapy the better your results.

Sometimes i felt like swallowing the Coconut Therapy oil, Is it harmful?
If you end up swallowing a bit during Coconut Therapy, the germs or toxins can be handled by the digestive system naturally.  You dont want this to happen as the whole purpose of Coconut Therapy is to evict the oil and toxins out of the mouth. (not swallowed!) 

I could only do Coconut Therapy for a few minutes, as my mouth was getting tired.
Do the swishing around the mouth in a relaxed way. The is no hurry or stress. We recommend do something while your are swishing it around your mouth. Watch T.V., get dressed, surf the web.. all sorts of things you can do that will make it so you dont even notice your doing it.

Reasons for using Coconut Therapy on an empty stomach
If your not used to it, its a good idea not to have a full stomach while performing Coconut Therapy as you might get a little queasy from the experience. The detoxifying effect can be a bit stimulating. An empty stomach means your food has been digested and that is an optimum time to expel the the toxins and germs that are in full  attack mode in your mouth.